The Baker and the Chef

Cindy & Greg's home cooking


Cindy’s Sweets

Bran Muffins

These healthy muffins taste great -- rich in flavor and even better with your favorite mix-ins.

Shortbread Bars & Cookies

These cookies are Greg's favorite and surprisingly easy to make, especially if you do these in bar shape.

Cinnamon Almond Smoothie

Perfect sweet snack when you blend all these together. Good for you too!

Almond Cake

Everyone loves chocolate but this is probably my most asked for cake -- for dessert try it with grilled fruit, berries, a little whipped cream, cinnamon or coffee ice cream, or try it any time of day with a cup of coffee... Continue Reading →

Game day Thumbprint Cookies

Super easy recipe for cookies that you can color for your team (no food coloring required).

Cinnamon Nutty Granola

Lots of nuts & seeds with just a little maple syrup make this a pretty healthy granola.

Greta’s Granola

Easy homemade granola... so easy and good that you'll never want to buy granola again.

Chocolate Birthday Cake

This is called "Birthday" cake because I've made it for so many birthdays that its what my family expects when we want something to put all those candles on. I've served this to many people and everyone who likes chocolate... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Fudge Frosting

Delicious fudge-like frosting that goes perfectly on top of Chocolate Birthday Cake. Eat a little with a strawberry if there's any left when you're done with the cake.

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