This is for our kids and our friends…because we love to cook and bake, but really because we love to share our food with our friends and loved ones.

And it is for posterity’s sake.  When Greg’s mom passed away, at the young age of 66, she left behind a wall filled with cookbooks. Recipes for Greg’s favorite foods, spectacularly cooked by his mom, Alice, were buried in those books and are now lost to us. We are determined that our kids have all of our recipes. So, this is our gift to them.

For ease of browsing, this blog is loosely organized into four categories:  Cindy’s Sweets (mostly baking but some smoothies and no-bake bars too); Chef Greg (Greg’s grill specialties as well as Sunday favorites); Weekday Cooking (the food our kids grew up eating); and Healthier Side (a catch-all for any of the recipes deemed  on the “healthier” side, which means nutrient dense food without too much sugar).

Bon appetit.